Why do you need a mid-level giving program?

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1 Lesson from Me

Mid-level donors don't get the attention major donors or even monthly donors get. That's costing your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars in Donor Lifetime Value (LTV) and killing your major donor pipeline.

Your successful mid-level giving program will help you:

  • Increase retention of these generous supporters
  • Grow your gift values
  • Create deeper donor engagement 
  • Build your major donor and/or legating giving pipeline of mid-level donors 
  • Help you raise a lot more money

When teaching this lesson to members of my Fundraising Transformers Community, I also share how you can distinguish and develop your mid-level donors and retain them, how to identify any barriers, and how you can measure the success of your mid-level giving program.  


1 Quote from Someone Else

"We found that while few in number, mid-level donors were, in many cases, generating as much as one-third of an organization’s income from individuals. Yet, at the time most organizations did at best a marginal job of engaging these donors."

Source: Alia McKee and Mark Rovner, Principals at Sea Change Strategies


1 Question for You 

To ensure the success of your mid-level giving program, the first step is to define your mid-level donor. When developing your mid-level donors, what data points do you use to define and qualify your mid-level tiers?

Bye for now,

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Creator of the Fundraising Transformers Community

p.s. You may also enjoy The Missing Middle Part III by our good friends Alia McKee and Mark Rovner at Sea Change Strategies.




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