60. Mastering the Art of Telefundraising



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About this episode 

In our latest episode of The Intentional Fundraiser Podcast, we had the privilege of speaking with Martina Naradova, an expert in telefundraising hailing from the Czech Republic. Martina's journey from a frontline caller to a donor care coordinator is truly inspiring, and her insights into the world of telefundraising are invaluable for fundraisers of all levels.

Martina shares her secrets to effective telefundraising, emphasizing the importance of empathy, patience, and a strong mindset. Her experience demonstrates that telefundraising can lead to higher donor retention rates and long-lasting relationships with supporters.

But it's not just about making calls; Martina stresses the significance of building connections and promoting your telefundraising successes within your organization. It's a powerful fundraising method that can revolutionize your approach.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Martina Naradova's expertise. Tune in to the podcast episode now and discover the art of telefundraising!

With gratitude,
Tammy Zonker


Our guest

Martina Neradová, Individual Fundraising Manager, Zachraň jído (Save Food) & Svoboda zvířat (Animal Freedom)


"The call shouldn't be about you or about the organization. It should be about the donor."

– Martina Neradová, Individual Fundraising Manager, Zachraň jído (Save Food) & Svoboda zvířat (Animal Freedom)


Resources mentioned in this episode     

Save Food

Animal Freedom

Amnesty International

Darujme - Solution and a platform for online giving in the Czech Republic

CEE Fundraising Conference

Leaders of Tomorrow

Western Canadian Fundraising Conference


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