1-1-1: How to Prepare Your Nonprofit for the Changing Fundraising Environment


1 Lesson from Me

According to the Blackbaud 2021 Charitable Giving Report, a great majority of nonprofit professionals surveyed report feeling the same or better about their organization’s health since the pandemic began. Based on the lessons we've learned through the pandemic combined with emerging giving behaviors and trends, consider taking the following steps to prepare for the changing fundraising environment:

  • Understand your donor giving behaviors 
  • Identify and leverage donor personas by giving segment 
  • Forecast potential fundraising growth strategies 
  • Embrace Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access (DEIA) 
  • Leverage technology to enhance the donor experience 

When teaching this CFRE-approved class, Lessons Learned + Giving Behaviors + Trends = Next Steps, to members of my Fundraising Transformers Community, I unpack each step into detailed, actionable steps and provide additional data and examples to help prepare your nonprofit for the changing fundraising environment. Members get on-demand access to this class plus over 60 fundraising classes and replays from my LIVE group coaching sessions.


1 Quote from Someone Else

“Philanthropy has been too white for too long, and the ideal of philanthropy for all is going to ramify how organizations fundraise, how power is shared, who is sitting at the table, and what is being said.”

Source: Steve MacLaughlin, Vice President, Blackbaud Product Management, & Senior Advisor, Blackbaud Institute


1 Question for You 

Based on your donor demographics and giving behaviors, which growth strategy would have the greatest impact on your fundraising program in 2022 and beyond?

  • Focusing on donor retention at every gift level 
  • Attracting a younger base of donors through digital strategies 
  • Developing an intentional mid-level donor program   
  • Scaling and retaining your monthly giving donors 
  • Decreasing the number of fundraising events over time 
  • Implementing a comprehensive impact reporting strategy 


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