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23. Mindset & Leadership Skills Are Pivotal to Creating Change

Jenny Mitchell


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About this episode

In this episode of The Intentional Fundraiser podcast, I’m honored to be talking with Jenny Mitchell.

Jenny is an executive coach, speaker, and fundraising professional who helps not-for-profit leaders change the world…one mission at a time!

She has worked with hundreds of CEOs, executive directors, and high-profile board members all across Canada and has helped her clients raise millions of dollars for their missions. She believes that mindset and leadership skills play a pivotal role in our ability to create change on the planet.

Jenny is also the host of the Underdog Leadership Podcast and co-host of Your Next 50 Podcast dedicated to helping (we) more mature women make our next 50 years the most abundant and impactful ever! Take a listen.


Our guest

Jenny Mitchell, Chief Visionary Officer, Chavender


"We have to take responsibility for our own activities and our own actions."

- Jenny Mitchell, Chief Visionary Officer, Chavender


Links mentioned in this episode 

Underdog Leadership Podcast

Your Next 50 Podcast


Book mentioned in this episode

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It


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23. Mindset & Leadership Skills Are Pivotal to Creating Change

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