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22. The Power of Asking for Help

Andrea Kihlstedt


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About this episode

In this episode of The Intentional Fundraiser podcast, I’m delighted to be talking with a woman I have admired for a very long time, Andrea Kihlstedt.

Quite literally Andrea wrote THE book on capital campaigns. She’s the author of Capital Campaigns: Strategies that Work, now in its 4th edition. She’s been leading successful capital campaigns for more than 30 years.

She’s also the author of How to Raise $1 Million (or More) in 10 Bite-Sized Steps, and several other great books about fundraising and board development.

Andrea co-founded Capital Campaign Masters and the Capital Campaign Toolkit, along with Amy Eisenstein. I’m very proud to have recently joined Capital Campaign Toolkit as an Advisor, in addition to the portfolio of work I do through my company, Fundraising Transformed.

I could go on and on about this incredible woman…but I want you to hear from her! Take a listen.


Our guest

Andrea Kihlstedt, Co-Founder, Capital Campaign Masters


"When you are willing to be in conversations with people, that's when you have an opportunity to find common ground."

- Andrea Kihlstedt, Co-Founder, Capital Campaign Masters


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Capital Campaign Toolkit

Gestalt International Study Center


Book mentioned in this episode

Capital Campaigns: Strategies that work by Andrea Kihlstedt

How to Raise $1 Million (Or More!) in 10 Bite-sized Steps: A Failproof Guide for Board Members, Volunteers and Staff

A Gentleman in Moscow


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