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11. Future-Proofing Your Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategy



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About this episode

Today we are thrilled to welcome my friend Julia Campbell. Julia is a digital marketing and fundraising expert, a nonprofit consultant and author. In this episode, Julia talks about future-proofing your social media and digital marketing strategy. Take a listen.


Our guest

Julia Campbell, Speaker, Author & Nonprofit Consultant


"It's not about the tools. It's about the goal. It's about the audience and then matching the platforms that you choose to use with your goals and your audience and then creating content that works for the platform and the audience."  

- Julia Campbell, Speaker, Author & Nonprofit Consultant


A quick peek

Julia Campbell: All right, well, they already have that goal set in place. You're ahead of the game if you at least know where you're going. Because what I see a lot is they say, "We want to raise more money. We want more donors. We need more revenue coming in." But if you have a specific goal like increasing monthly donors, then you can really unpack that and figure out how to get there.

Tammy Zonker: It seems that the supply of web content and social content is doubling every nine to twelve months. In fact, I just learned this new term called content stock, which has been coined to describe the often overwhelming proliferation of content production and consumption. In other words, there's just so much coming at us all the time. And as a result, here in the U.S., we're spending an average of 10 hours a day on our screens. At this rate, the average American will spend 44 years of their life in front of a screen. Isn't that incredible to think about?

Julia Campbell: Management of content is definitely a challenge, especially if you're someone like me and you have ideas constantly in your head and you're trying to manage all of your great ideas with the actual work that you still have to get done and all of the projects that are still not completed. So for me, when I manage content, I try so hard to whittle it down to what does my audience wants.

Tammy Zonker: Measurement and outcomes. That analysis is also helpful when you have well-intentioned board members, who have their own biases and are making their own assumptions, perhaps again, through their lens. But it's not broadly informed by your audience, right? It's an audience of one. So data can help course correct. When you're getting pushback or they're really trying to influence you to move in a certain direction, you always have the data to respond with.

Julia Campbell: You have a framework to respond. When a board member says, "We should be on TikTok," then you can say, "Well, these are the four pillars that I need to do on TikTok. What else is going to come off my plate? Because to do it effectively, you can't just add it to my job description," which I know is so tempting for a lot of well-meaning board members.


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