1-1-1: Lessons Learned + Giving Behaviors + Emerging Trends = Steps You Should Take Next



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What does the latest research tell us about donor behaviors? How has the pandemic, recent natural disasters and the U.S. political climate influenced giving? What are the next best steps for savvy fundraising professionals?

Across all verticals, a great majority of nonprofit professionals surveyed report feeling the same or better about their organization’s health since the pandemic began. According to Blackbaud 2021 Charitable Giving Report:

  • 88% of nonprofits feel the same or better about the health of their organization
  • 45% report an increase in the number of new donors
  • 12% report a drop in giving

5 steps you should take next to leverage important lessons learned from recent natural disasters and the U.S. political climate, current giving behaviors and emerging trends:

  1. Understand your current donor giving behaviors
  2. Personalize donor engagement by giving segment
  3. Forecast potential fundraising growth strategies
  4. Authentically embrace Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access in your organization (DEIA)
  5. Leverage technology to enhance the donor experience

In the full, on-demand class, "Lessons Learned + Giving Behaviors + Emerging Trends = Steps You Should Take Next," that I created for Growth members in my Fundraising Transformers community, I breakdown in detail recent studies from the Blackbaud Institute 2021 Charitable Giving Report and giving trends reported by Giving USA, and the five steps above to share how you can leverage this critical and informative data to help you take your fundraising results to the next level. CFRE Credits: 1.0

PLUS, when you become a Growth member in my community, not only will you get immediate access to the entire 60-minute class, "Planning your year-end giving strategy," you'll also get instant access to more than 80+ on-demand fundraising classes at no additional cost.


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"The key to embracing the future of fundraising is a willingness to challenge the way things have always been done. We must remain open to innovation and ensure that our organizations are structured to encourage responsiveness."
– Chuck Longfield, Blackbaud Chief Scientist


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As you know, we believe that a high tide raises all boats. (a nod to U.S. President J.F.K.)

To help other fundraising pros who want to achieve greater end-of-year results, what are some of the ways you are embracing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access (DEIA) inside your organization and/or leveraging technology to enhance the donor experience?

To share your thoughts and suggestions, reply to this email or tweet me @tammyzonker.


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Tammy Zonker
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