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We provide fundraising expertise to help empower your organization to reach its full potential.

We equip and empower amazing nonprofit fundraising pros like you to transform the world by providing fundraising training, insights, and tools you need to skyrocket your fundraising results.

Training Intensives.

The Intentional Fundraising Plan 

Three 3-Hour Virtual Intensives | Plus 6 Hours of Post-Intensive Virtual Coaching | CFRE CEU Approval Pending

Are you feeling the pressure to raise even more money during these volatile times? Research from the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy confirms that organizations with a fundraising plan raise more money than those who don’t have a plan. The Intentional Fundraising Plan Virtual Intensive three-part series will guide you through a process resulting in a strategic data-informed fundraising plan that will equip and inspire your organization to take fundraising results to new heights.

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The Intentional Board Member 

2-Day Virtual Intensive  | CFRE CEU Approval Pending

Has your board's enthusiasm waned over time? Are you sometimes frustrated by board members who make well-intentioned commitments but don't follow-through? Consider the possibility that our cookie-cutter approach to board engagement may be the problem. This working session explores how to take board participation to new heights — especially in fundraising!

This two-part Intentional Board Member Virtual Intensive will guide you through the process of identifying and obliterating the barriers to robust board member participation in fundraising. Together, we'll brainstorm a 'must do' and 'board choice' menu of fundraising engagement opportunities that aren't just about asking for money. We'll strengthen role clarity for prospective new board members in your recruitment process and enhance overall board performance monitoring.

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The Intentional High-Performance Fundraiser 

1-Day Virtual Intensive  | CFRE CEU Approval Pending

The Intentional Fundraiser Virtual Intensive is a high-performance system for fundraising professionals.

Ever feel like the daily barrage of incoming emails, phone calls, and unexpected requests consume your days and keep you from accomplishing what’s most important to your fundraising success? Or perhaps you’re already high achieving but at the cost of your well-being. It’s no wonder the average tenure of a fundraising professional is 18 months! The Intentional Fundraiser is a high-performance system that equips participants to achieve higher levels of success. By learning and applying The Intentional Fundraiser System, participants will gain greater role clarity, identify priority activities and critical success factors weekly, monthly, and quarterly, all designed to help you meet or exceed your annual goals. During this virtual intensive, you’ll also learn about the psychology of achievement and the power of establishing and practicing high-performance habits.

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Build A Multichannel Fundraising Campaign that Raises a Lot More Money

2-Day Virtual Intensive

Direct mail is alive and well, and thrives best when complemented with compelling email and social media messaging. When raising money with year-end campaigns, it's important to meet donors where they are – not just at their mailbox. Let the winners of NonprofitPro's Fundraising Campaign of the Year help you create your next multichannel campaign to raise a lot more money. In this 2-day intensive, we show you how to plan, build, and manage your year-end multichannel campaign, step-by-step from start to finish using their award-winning “how-to” strategies. We'll take you behind the scenes on some of our most successful fundraising campaign case studies. And, we'll give you 19 of the exact same proven tools, templates and planning worksheets we use to build and manage successful fundraising campaigns. 

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Capital Campaigns

Successful capital campaign fundraising starts long before the first solicitation. We will work side-by-side with you on case for support and feasibility study, to campaign strategy and execution - and everything in-between. Our secret sauce is they way we engage and energize your board and campaign leadership committee.

Major Gifts

Whether you're just starting a major gifts program or seeking to scale an existing one, we can help. We know major gifts and can help you take your program to the next level through planning, customized training and coaching.

Multichannel Fundraising Campaigns

Direct mail is alive and well, and thrives best when complemented with email and social media messaging. When raising money with year-round campaigns, it's important to meet donors where they are - not just at their mailbox. Let the winners of NonprofitPro's Fundraising Campaign of the Year help you create your next multichannel campaign to raise a lot more money.

Monthly Giving Programs

Donor loyalty is the key to nonprofit sustainability. One of the most effective ways to cultivate donor loyalty is through monthly giving. Let us help you develop and execute a robust monthly giving campaign strategy to grow your base of loyal supporters.

Fundraising Effectiveness Assessments

Our fundraising effectiveness assessment can help turn chaos into clarity for any nonprofit organization. Comprised of a three-part data assessment and analysis, combined with  confidential interviews with key constituents. The result is a comprehensive report of findings and priority recommendations that becomes your roadmap for fundraising success.

Marketing & Communications Assessments

Your nonprofit brand is the cumulative experience of one’s interaction with your organization over time. How you deliver on the promise of your brand, communicate it, and then sustain it, is just as important as the process of creating it. We’ll help you understand where your marketing and communications performance is now, what’s involved in taking it to the next level and create a path to help get you there. We’ll also provide implementation recommendations, including costs, tools, and resources to power your marketing and communications initiatives, including differentiated experiences to successfully engage and connect on a deeper level with your many audiences.

PR/Media Relations Strategy

We’ll help you leverage the power of your local media to increase visibility of your mission, extend your reach to new audiences, position key staff as subject matter experts (SME), and shine a bright light on the amazing work you do.

Marketing & Communications Strategy

To maintain relevance with your many audiences, we'll help you create a mission-driven, omnichannel (digital and offline) marketing and communications strategy. Includes developing tactics and tools to help you connect on a deeper level with each audience by providing meaningful and relevant messaging and content that builds loyalty and inspires action.

Keynote Speaking.

Tammy doesn’t just “give speeches” about fundraising – she enchants audiences with her innovative and heart-stirring experiences from the front lines of philanthropy.

She inspires with soul-stirring stories, hilarious anecdotes and actionable advice. It’s one thing to talk about fundraising innovation and organizational transformation, Tammy’s warmth and passion will bring it to life right before your eyes.

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As a member, you'll get on-demand access to Tammy’s fundraising training videos and insights, along with her downloadable tools and templates that will help you transform your fundraising. New content is added every month. And you’ll have access to her private Facebook group where you can chat with Tammy and other Fundraising Transformers members about what you’re working on, struggling with, and excited about.

Join our exclusive circle of amazing fundraising pro​s like you from​ around the world. Courageous people who are committed to growing and refining their fundraising skills. People who are ready to move up to the next level of fundraising success. 

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