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1. 5 Important Lessons I Learned in 9 Years as a Chief Philanthropy Officer


If you've attended a conference where I've spoken in the last several years, you've likely heard me talk about The Children's Center in Detroit. I've had the pleasure of working with The Children's Center for nearly 20 years. First as a fundraising trainer and coach. Then as a part-time contractor to cover staffing gaps. Then a few years later, I became an employee - and served as Chief Philanthropy Officer for 9 years.

  • It was there that we tripled fundraising results in the first three years
  • Emerged from the great recession in 2012
  • And like you, began a pandemic journey we didn't see coming

I resigned from The Children's Center six months ago to devote my full attention to my company, Fundraising Transformed. It's only now... six months later... that insights from those 9 years are emerging. As they say, you can't see the forest when you're in the trees.

Today, I want to share five important lessons I learned in 9 years as a Chief Philanthropy Officer. Insights that I hope will help you be a more intentional, resilient, and effective fundraiser and leader.


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