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What is the Fundraising Transformers community?


Fundraising Transformers is a growing community of fundraising pros just like you from around the world. An exclusive community of courageous people who are committed to growing and refining their fundraising skills. Fundraisers who are ready to move up to the next level of fundraising success. 

This is where I teach Mentor members the same strategies I use to lead, train, and coach nonprofit social service organizations, private schools, colleges and universities, and healthcare organizations to collectively raise more than a half-billion dollars, including a single gift of $27.1 million.

This is where I help you strengthen your fundraising skills and build a solid foundation for your fundraising success. 

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"Tammy is one of the most personable, inspiring and knowledgeable professionals in the field of fundraising training and major donor development."

Kelly Olsen Hutchinson
The Salvation Army
United States Southern Territory

"Being in the community is like having a team of people you can go to, ask questions, get feedback and guidance when you're stuck."

Hannah Hoskins
Corporate Volunteer Partnership Network

"Nothing happens until somebody feels something."

Tammy Zonker, Fundraising Strategist, Certified AFP Master Trainer, Keynote Speaker

Is a Mentor membership right for you?


Our Mentor members fall into one of two categories: brand new to the fundraising profession and want to build a solid foundation for fundraising success or experienced fundraisers who want to strengthen their fundraising skills to help scale their fundraising program to new heights.

Here’s what we know to be true:

The pressure on fundraisers has never been greater.

You're charged with raising even MORE money during these challenging and disruptive times.

It can feel overwhelming – and frustrating – when trying to raise MORE money with the same ol fundraising plan – or LACK thereof. 

Then there's the matter of how to improve your donor retention rate.

And how to get meetings with elusive donors.

To make matters worse, you don't have leadership and board alignment on development priorities, let alone a clear path to achieve your fundraising goals.

And while not enough board members are engaged in your fundraising efforts – they still expect you to somehow improve your fundraising results.

You're feeling stuck. I get it.

The good news is you don't have to go it alone. I can help you get unstuck.

The bottom line:

If you want to strengthen your skills and build a solid foundation for fundraising success, then joining my Fundraising Transformers community as a Mentor member is a great first step.

When you're ready to take your fundraising results to the next level, you can upgrade to our Growth membership. Where you can attend all LIVE CFRE-approved fundraising training and coaching sessions with Tammy Zonker and occasional fundraising guest experts twice each month.

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Member results include

Dollars Raised

"Increased charitable dollars raised by 132% since becoming a member of Fundraising Transformers."

Laurel Groh, Phoenix Family, Kansas City

(Growth Member)

Donor Retention

"Using what Tammy taught us, we increased our donor retention from 13% to 69% in about a year."

Becky Chambless, AWAIC, Anchorage

(Growth Member)

Annual Giving

"We exceeded our annual fundraising goal by 104% and grew overall giving from 2020 to 2021 by 13.4%."

Amanda Johnson, Multiplying Good, Indianapolis

(Growth Member)

How does a Mentor membership work?

Our Mentor membership is for fundraisers who want to build and strengthen a solid foundation for fundraising success! We believe that a high tide lifts all boats. And providing membership options to serve you wherever you are in your fundraising journey is critical. This is why we created Mentor and made it forever free for fundraisers everywhere.

And you don't have to go it alone. 

As a Mentor member, you get to chat directly with other fundraisers inside our private, safe online community about what you're working on and struggling with, and share lessons learned. 

What you get

  • Chat with other Mentor members inside our private, safe online community about what you're struggling with, and share lessons learned.

  • Access to all replays of our LIVE monthly, CFRE-approved fundraising training classes for 48 hours.

  • FREE access to our training class Create Your Next Level Fundraising Plan for Growth and Transformation, part one of our 4-part strategic planning series.

  • FREE access to our training class Workflows to Increase 1st Time Donor Retention, part one of our 4-part donor retention training series.

  • Attend all FREE live streams and webinars, and access our free training tools and resources.

  • Early registration to our Annual Fundraising Transformation Virtual Summit.

  • Participate in our Weekly Hot Topic sessions inside our private Transformers Community.

  • Listen to my flagship podcast called The Intentional Fundraiser with Tammy Zonker where I equip and empower amazing nonprofit fundraisers everywhere like you to transform your fundraising so you can transform the world. And share fundraising strategies, insights, and emerging trends you can use to take your fundraising results to the next level.

  • Exclusive access to my members-only fundraiser-to-fundraiser podcast called Take Flight for daily inspiration and words of wisdom. I also shares strategies to help you prevent the dreaded burnout while balancing your productivity, life, and well-being. 

  • Listen to our Inside Fundraising podcast. Think inside baseball. Hosted by my partner, R. Trent Thompson, our Inside Fundraising podcast features highly focused and highly relevant, one-on-one interviews with incredible fundraising leaders like you who generously share their strategies, insights, struggles, and lessons learned en route to achieving fundraising success.

No travel required

All LIVE sessions are delivered online via Zoom and our online community hosted on the Circle platform. Which means you can consume our on-demand content either from work or the comfort and safety of your home.


Learn at your own pace

We all get busy. And life happens along the way. Which is why we place all free resources including replays of our LIVE training sessions inside your private member library. You can consume your free content on-demand, at anytime, when you’re ready.

And you can learn on the go using our mobile app. Watch our training, and save your progress no matter where you are.

Private and safe community

We offer a private and safe place to meet and support one another, talk about what you're struggling with, and share lessons learned. Where you can build relationships with like-minded fundraisers from all over the world.

Where we provide curated learning spaces for a variety of fundraising topics and challenges. We’re a community that welcomes and celebrates members from diverse backgrounds.

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Who's the trainer?

All fundraising training is led by Tammy Zonker, Fundraising Strategist & Keynote Speaker, and President and Founder of Fundraising Transformed.

Recognized as one of America’s Top 20 Fundraising Experts, Tammy is an inspiring international speaker and trainer in the discipline of transformational philanthropy. She has led, trained, and coached nonprofit social service organizations, private schools, colleges and universities, and healthcare organizations to raise more than a half-billion dollars, including a single gift of $27.1M.

Tammy is a masterful storyteller, major gifts strategist, and fundraising expert. She’s also a certified AFP Master Trainer. Her passion for donor development and mission impact is contagious, inspiring, and transformational. She pours all of this expertise and passion into her training and speaking to equip and empower others to skyrocket their fundraising results.

She and her partner, brand & marketing strategist R. Trent Thompson, were awarded the “Multichannel Campaign of the Year” and “Campaign of the Year” Gold Awards by Fundraising Success Magazine. She has served as adjunct faculty at Indiana University, technical editor for Wiley Publishing’s “Fundraising for Dummies” third edition, and served on Nonprofit Quarterly’s editorial advisory board.

Tammy’s mission is to help fundraisers everywhere transform your fundraising so you can transform the world.

"Tammy's an invaluable resource to any organization who's working to achieve sustainable funding."

Cathy Smith
Nonprofit Board Member

"Tammy helped me recognize the value of creating relationships that go beyond the surface – beyond the normal, beyond the donation."

Joshua Beasley
Director of Development
Positive Tomorrows

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